We are LIVE Streaming each Sunday at 10:15 a.m. for a time of corporate gathering and worship.

LIVE Community Chat every Tuesday at 5 p.m. Topics vary each week hosted by Pastors Kevin & Luke. 

Sermon notes are available online. Bulletins and announcements are also available online.

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In the tabs below there are other resources to help you during this time we are unable to meet in person. If you have questions, contact the church via email or phone (messages checked every morning).





As we continue to meet digitally, I wanted to provide a list of songs that we would be doing each week if we were meeting together physically.  My prayer is that even though we can’t sing all together, these songs will still offer hope and encouragement during this time. ~ Pastor Kevin


For May 31, 2020



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Online Youth Group

When: 6:30 pm to 8 pm

Where: On YouTube! At our channel?

What: We will meet over a livestream with games, discussions, and devotionals. Hope to see you on the stream!

Instructions: Subscribe to our channel, join the stream when it goes live, and interact through the chat. Make sure that your YouTube name is your first name only and do not enter your last name as we want to keep that private.


Visit our Youth’s Ministry page to learn more about this ministry!



Our children’s director, John Rawson, has few resources you may be interested in as you navigate this time with your children.


Some of you know that my previous 6 years before Laurelwood I was the PE Teacher at Columbia Christian School in Portland. During that time I sometimes used materials from an organization called “Spark.” Well, at this time in our country, they are offering 3 weeks of free materials to help keep kids healthy and active at home. Just go to blog.sparkpe.org/free-sparkhome-resources if you are interested in some creative ideas. ~ Coach John 


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Message from Allison (Women’s Ministry Leader)

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Missionary Updates


As this global pandemic has been affecting and disrupting all our lives, it too has been affecting our missionaries and supported ministries.  Many of you have asked how our global and local missionaries are doing during this time.  The Outreach Team was able to get an update on each of them along with ways to be praying.  Thank you for joining us in prayer for all of our missionaries and supported ministries.



Bible Study

Daniel | Begins June 7 | 12 Weeks

Taught by John Wecks

Relax! God’s got this! He’s in charge of everything all the time including every single election to government offices whether by mail, by absentee ballot, or whatever means in whatever country. In this book we will thrill over the fact that God’s unwavering promises always come through in the smallest detail for the whole world and our own lives. We learn how to thrive in enemy territory. We will watch what happens when we trust the Lord in impossible situations. We will learn from Daniel, “a man highly esteemed by God” (9:23).





2 Corinthians: The Thrill of Genuine Christianity

Taught by John Wecks






Deuteronomy: Moses’ Finest Sermon

Taught by J. Carl Laney, Western Seminary Prof (Retired)



Chapters 7-11

Resources: Deuteronomy Outline – Download


Chapters 12-26

Resources: Deuteronomy Outline for Chapters 12-26 – Download


Chapters 27-34

Resources: Deuteronomy Outline for Chapters 27-34 – Download