We are LIVE Streaming and meeting In-Person each Sunday at 10:15 a.m. for a time of corporate gathering and worship.


Sermon notes are available online. Bulletins and announcements are also available online.

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In the tabs below there are other resources to help you during this time we are unable to meet in person. If you have questions, contact the church via email or phone (messages checked every morning).


Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Gatherings @ 10:15 

We are no longer requiring advance registration to attend in-person. We will be recording names of attendees each Sunday for contact tracing purposes.


Also, please be aware of the following restrictions that are in place for Sunday gatherings:

  • Temperature Check – Before entering the Worship Center, your temperature will be checked with a “thermometer gun”.  Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will not be able to enter.
  • Facemasks – Masks must be worn at all times while inside including while singing. A limited number of facemasks will be available if you forget yours. For those on stage speaking or leading, masks will not be required. However, a 10-foot “no-sit-zone” will be established in front of the stage to ensure no one sits near anyone on stage who isn’t wearing a mask.
  • Children – For children ages 4 years – 5th Grade, Coach John will have activities available for them in the Ministry Center Building. Children will be in the Ministry Center the entire time and won’t count towards the “100 Maximum”.  Children will also have their temperatures checked and will need facemasks (those 5 and up).  Parents please drop your children off at the East Ministry Center doors (172nd Ave side) and pick them up from the West Ministry Center Doors (between the buildings). Parents with children younger than 4 are welcome to attend church with their children sitting with them.
  • Entrance – Everyone will enter the Worship Center through the Fellowship Hall. There will only be one entrance into the Worship Center where your temperature will be checked and to ensure you have a mask. All other entrances will be locked. Parents: after you drop your kids at the Ministry Center, please walk around the Ministry Center building into the Fellowship Hall. For the safety of the children, no adults (besides Kids Ministry Volunteers) are allowed in the Ministry Center.
  • Seating – Please leave 3 seats between your party and the next to ensure social distancing during the service.
  • Social Distancing – Please be respectful of others by staying six feet away while chatting before or after service.  Resist the urge to hug and instead implement social distance greetings such as an “elbow bump”.




Bible Study

Upper Room Discourse

Words of Comfort For Troubled Hearts | 11 Sessions

Taught by John Wecks


As Jesus enjoyed a last supper with His disciples, He looked forward to centuries of the Church. The ‘upper room dialogue’ in John 14 -16 is stocked with concentrated spiritual truth ready to explode in the life of every believer. The Lord Jesus teaches about the power of His indwelling presence for living in a troubled world.  His words wash over us, strengthens us, and give us a clear path through stress filled days in 2021. 


Class Notes

Session 1 (4 files)

Class Notes

Description & Bibliography

Chronology of Last Week

Thursday of Passion Week

Session 2

Class Notes

Session 3

Class Notes

Session 4

Class Notes

Session 5

Class Notes

Last Will of Our Lord

Session 6

Class Notes

Session 7

Class Notes

Session 8

Class Notes


Revelation | 16 Weeks

Taught by John Wecks


In these uncertain times, be encouraged to work harder for the King every single day of your life. The revelation of Jesus Christ shows His glorious power to judge all the evil in God’s universe that makes life miserable for all of us today. Explore heaven’s worship themes with us. Learn the extent of God’s grace to protect His people from the devastating judgments God will pour out on those who shake their fist at God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Gain a clearer understanding of the overall plan of God for our world, the earth, and the universe. Learn what our priorities should be as we live today in our broken world filled with hurting people. Strengthen your confident expectation in what the Lord will do to make everything right.


Class Notes

Session 1 Notes

Session 2 Notes

Seven Churches Chart

Commentary List

Session 3 Notes

Session 4 Notes

Session 5 Notes Session 6 Notes Session 7 Notes Session 8 Notes
Session 9 Notes Session 10 Notes Session 11 Notes Session 12 Notes
Session 13 Notes

Session 14 Notes

The Program of Judgments

The Coming of the Messiah

Supplemental Chart

Session 15 Notes




Daniel | 12 Weeks

Taught by John Wecks


Relax! God’s got this! He’s in charge of everything all the time including every single election to government offices whether by mail, by absentee ballot, or whatever means in whatever country. In this book we will thrill over the fact that God’s unwavering promises always come through in the smallest detail for the whole world and our own lives. We learn how to thrive in enemy territory. We will watch what happens when we trust the Lord in impossible situations. We will learn from Daniel, “a man highly esteemed by God” (9:23).

Download your class notes!


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2 Corinthians: The Thrill of Genuine Christianity

Taught by John Wecks


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Deuteronomy: Moses’ Finest Sermon

Taught by J. Carl Laney, Western Seminary Prof (Retired)


Laurelwood Deuteronomy Class - Chapters 27-34

Laurelwood Baptist Church views April 3, 2020 4:10 pm

Laurelwood Deuteronomy Class - Chapters 12-26

Laurelwood Baptist Church views April 2, 2020 3:16 pm

Laurelwood Deuteronomy Class - Chapters 7-11

Laurelwood Baptist Church views March 20, 2020 9:21 am


Small Groups

Small Groups

Laurelwood Small Groups exist to support the mission of our church: Following Jesus Together. Groups gather* at regular intervals for fellowship, prayer, and group learning. Between gatherings, group leaders and members care for one another and encourage each other to grow as followers of Jesus.


* Due to COVID, each group’s gathering is unique to the demographics of its members. Some groups are meeting in person, others via virtual platforms, and some by a hybrid of the two. Other groups are continuing to care and pray for each other while they wait for conditions to improve and allow in-person gatherings to continue.


Contact the church office of Crista Hagan if you are interested in joining small group.


Josh & Lucy Espasandin

Young Adults

Virtual Care & Connection,
until further notice


Herman & Trang Chan

Young Marrieds

Weekly on Thursday evenings

Kevin & Melanie Kruse

Couples with school-aged kids

2nd & 4th Sunday evenings

Scott & Allison Deviney

Mixed ages & stages
(families with kids through empty-nesters)

Care & Prayer as-needed,
until further notice


David & Crista Hagan

Mixed ages & stages
(Community-service-minded group)

Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

In-person @ church with remote-in option

John & Carley Wecks


2nd & 4th Sundays,
In-person with remote-in option

Mike & Andrea Randall


1st and 3rd Wednesdays,
In-Person with “remote-in” option

Paul & Cheryl Lantz

Empty-Nesters & Older adults

Virtual Care & Connection,
until further notice


Lisa Slater

Mixed ages & stages

(Community-service-minded group)

Wednesday Evenings, In-Person


Bob & Diane Skoubo

All Ages, No Childcare

Weekly Wednesday Mornings, 9:30
In-Person @ the church

Bob & Connie Russell

Older Adults

Virtual Care & Connection,
until further notice




Visit our Youth’s Ministry page to learn more about this ministry!



The Children’s Ministry is excited to announce that we are now posting videos designed to engage with kids and keep them grounded in God’s Word while we wait to get back together.  We invite parents to watch these videos with their kids and encourage you to discuss the topics with them.  We hope these videos help you as you lead your kids in their walk with God.


What’s In A Name | I Am

The disciple Peter had a very fun and exciting experience with Jesus, but then things got scary. Find out what happened and what we can learn from Peter’s experience.

What’s In A Name | Bread of Life

Jesus said He is the Bread of Life. What does it mean to partake of a slice?

What’s In A Name | Rabbi

Another name people called Jesus was “Rabbi”, which means “Teacher” in Hebrew. Follow along in the book of Luke chapter 7 as we talk about how Jesus is our teacher, our Rabbi.

What’s In A Name | Great Physician

Jesus is often called the “Great Physician.” Yes, Jesus healed many people from their sicknesses and physical problems but there’s something even more important God is trying to teach us. Read Luke 5:17-26 and see if you can figure it out.

What’s In A Name | Immanuel

And they shall call His name Immanuel, which translated means, “God with us”. Matthew 1:23

We’ve been in the Old Testament learning the different names God has, and now we are celebrating the birth of His son, our savior, and learning about a name that Jesus has… Immanuel – God with us.

What’s In A Name | David and the Giant

What can we learn today from this famous Old Testament story? Do you have the courage to open up and see?

What’s In A Name | God of All Comfort

Some very sad things happened to Naomi in the book of Ruth. Was God able to comfort her? And can God comfort us even when sad things happen to us?

What’s In A Name | Holy

What does it mean and what does it mean for us?

What’s In A Name | El Moshaah – God Saves

Even in our most troubled times, our God wishes to save us. How He does it can be quite the surprise however!

What’s In A Name | I Am

Is it easy or hard to trust God? Sometimes it’s hard! But God reminds us by his unusual name “I Am” that he will always be with us.

What’s In A Name | El Emeth

El Emeth (God of Truth). Come watch about the story of our great ancestors, who went against God’s truth and plunged the world into sin. YET, there is always a silver lining, that being we get to see the Glory of God through Jesus as a result!

What’s In A Name | Elohim

This week we talked about the name Elohim, which means all-powerful God. But what amazing thing did God do to prove that He is all-powerful? Watch and find out. There are even some pictures at the end that show God’s creative power.

What’s In A Name | Session 1

In the first video session on our new series “I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God”, Coach John shares a little bit about why names are important, and why we are going to be studying the Names of God over the course of this school year. 


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