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The Birth of Two Bodies
November 27, 2022
Erik Hallworth

This week we started the gospel of Luke. We are calling the series Good News, Great Joy, All People! From now until easter, we will be going through this exciting Gospel and following the life of Jesus Christ. I look forward to us studying together.


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Journey To The Cross

Critical Conversations

As a nation, we are becoming more secularized and more divided as everyone seems to be debating everything. In the meantime church attendance across the country has dropped by 28%  even …

Light In The Darkness

If someone had told you that you would be experiencing a worldwide pandemic, a struggling economy, protesting and rioting in the streets, wildfires out West, with nurses and doctors on th…

Heroic Faith In Troubling Times

We are living in unprecedented times. Who would have thought that 2020 would be the year of a global pandemic, an increased awareness of social and racial injustice, protests, even riots …

Our Rhythms of Discipleship
Have you noticed that there are various rhythms of life? Ecclesiastes 3 describes them as seasons; to be born, to die,… Living organisms have different physiological changes; sleeping, wak…

Following Jesus Together

King of Kings

Gospel Truth

If there is one letter that has done more to change the course of world history, it has to be the letter to the Romans. It was his study of this letter that was instrumental in Martin Lut…

The Gospel According To ...

Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit


When it comes to the Holy Spirit, Christians have a tendency to either over emphasize Him or minimize Him.


Gospel Identity, "Who am I?"