The primary purpose of the Caring Team is to be the serving hand of ministry for Laurelwood Baptist Church.  This includes serving the Church and/or individual members of the church body in the areas of grief mitigation, financial crisis, special recognition, and worship service facilitation.


Marriage Support

Laurelwood partners with MarriageTeam to provide faith-based couple coaching for pre-martial and married couples. More than 100 couples have benefited from this program, designed to empower couples for a winning marriage. You will meet six to ten times over so many weeks for a few hours with a coach couple. During this time, you will learn and develop the skills needed to have a winning marriage team. Check it out at Put your team on the winning track!!





For more information, contact Alan and Autumn Ray  Marriage Group coordinators.



Caring Team

Our primary purpose is being the hand of giving. Our core elements are to use the Lord’s finances to aid our church members that experience financial distress and to make sure that food issues are not a burden to any member; as well as to care for the elderly and sick among us. We have different avenues that we have developed to fulfill our purpose.


In helping our elderly many members have donated time and talents to meet needs. When our members are sick, at home or in the hospital, efforts are made to make sure a personal visitation is accomplished. Inclusive actions are a vital responsibility of our church in meeting those in need.



For more information you can contact the church office here.