Come join the discussion at 9:00 am Sunday mornings as we prepare for worship!

Nursery care, children’s class, and youth class are also available at this time.


To learn more about additional studies for men visit the Men’s Ministry page.

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Current Equipping Hour Classes

Sundays | 9-10 a.m.




Sundays, June 9 – September 8 | 9 a.m. | Room 303
More than pithy pearls of insight, the book of Proverbs gives great insight into how we as believers best face life’s joys and challenges when we root ourselves in the Lord and seek His wisdom in our daily lives. A number of Laurelwood teachers will introduce us to selected proverbs from Solomon’s collection, grouped together under fourteen different themes. We hope you will join us for as many sessions as possible. The class will meet in room 303 through September 8th. For more information contact Jennifer Lindsay, Scott DeViney, or Tracy Halstead.

No registration is required, but signups at the kiosk are welcome!



Series Descriptions

Discovery Series

The “Discover Laurelwood” class is a way to learn about the church and how you can be a member!  Discover Laurelwood is offered 3 times per year in September, January and April.


We also offer the following additional classes to unpack each area of discipleship in greater depth:

  • Bible Study
  • Prayer
  • Witness
  • Worship
  • SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts)
  • Stewardship
  • Personal Reflection
  • Seeking Wisdom
  • Fellowship

Each class is a chance to meet our pastors and leaders, learn about our church’s vision, and to discover practical steps for your spiritual growth. Each of these classes is offered approximately once per year.


While you may not take all the classes in order, we encourage you to plan on eventually attending them all as a way to get to know your church as well as a gain a clear vision for your own discipleship journey.


Deeper Life Series

God has a desire that you become stronger and spiritually more mature. The Deeper Life Series provides solid Bible exposition through various books of the Bible to move you deeper into the Lord and the LBC Discipleship Process. These Classes are designed to provide increasing spiritual stability and strength in your life as an adult at LBC. Special attention is given to the verse by verse explanation of what God is teaching within each paragraph of every section of the Bible Book. Then these truths are applied specifically and personally to your life situation. Subjects and topics are covered when they are raised by the order of the message found in the book being taught. 


Each class is designed to stand alone” so that an adult at Laurelwood can step in at any time to be fed from Gods Word. Sunday morning classes begin at 9 am, which corresponds to the same time as our Youth and Childrens Sunday School and nursery to assist those with kids. We invite you to join us as we go deeper into Gods Word together.




Periodically we offer mid-week ministry classes and seminars. 


Past Online Classes

Past Online Classes

These classes have concluded but are still available online to do at your own pace.


Upper Room Discourse

Words of Comfort For Troubled Hearts | 11 Sessions

Taught by John Wecks


As Jesus enjoyed a last supper with His disciples, He looked forward to centuries of the Church. The ‘upper room dialogue’ in John 14 -16 is stocked with concentrated spiritual truth ready to explode in the life of every believer. The Lord Jesus teaches about the power of His indwelling presence for living in a troubled world.  His words wash over us, strengthens us, and give us a clear path through stress filled days in 2021. 


Class Notes

Session 1 (4 files)

Class Notes

Description & Bibliography

Chronology of Last Week

Thursday of Passion Week

Session 2

Class Notes

Session 3

Class Notes

Session 4

Class Notes

Session 5

Class Notes

Last Will of Our Lord

Session 6

Class Notes

Session 7

Class Notes

Session 8

Class Notes

Session 9

Class Notes

Session 10

Class Notes

Session 11

Class Notes


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Revelation | 16 Weeks

Taught by John Wecks


In these uncertain times, be encouraged to work harder for the King every single day of your life. The revelation of Jesus Christ shows His glorious power to judge all the evil in God’s universe that makes life miserable for all of us today. Explore heaven’s worship themes with us. Learn the extent of God’s grace to protect His people from the devastating judgments God will pour out on those who shake their fist at God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Gain a clearer understanding of the overall plan of God for our world, the earth, and the universe. Learn what our priorities should be as we live today in our broken world filled with hurting people. Strengthen your confident expectation in what the Lord will do to make everything right.


Class Notes

Session 1 Notes

Session 2 Notes

Seven Churches Chart

Commentary List

Session 3 Notes

Session 4 Notes

Session 5 Notes Session 6 Notes Session 7 Notes Session 8 Notes
Session 9 Notes Session 10 Notes Session 11 Notes Session 12 Notes
Session 13 Notes

Session 14 Notes

The Program of Judgments

The Coming of the Messiah

Supplemental Chart

Session 15 Notes



Daniel | 12 Weeks

Taught by John Wecks


Relax! God’s got this! He’s in charge of everything all the time including every single election to government offices whether by mail, by absentee ballot, or whatever means in whatever country. In this book we will thrill over the fact that God’s unwavering promises always come through in the smallest detail for the whole world and our own lives. We learn how to thrive in enemy territory. We will watch what happens when we trust the Lord in impossible situations. We will learn from Daniel, “a man highly esteemed by God” (9:23).

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2 Corinthians: The Thrill of Genuine Christianity

Taught by John Wecks


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Deuteronomy: Moses’ Finest Sermon

Taught by J. Carl Laney, Western Seminary Prof (Retired)


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Past Seminar Handbooks

Epicenter Day Conference Handbook 11-4-2017

“Making Sense in a Senseless World” Seminar Handbook 4-2019