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Discovery Series

Discovery Series | Sundays 9am


Our Discovery series classes are for you to meet our pastors and leaders, hear what we believe, know our vision for discipleship and discover along the way how God is prompting you to grow in your faith.  Pastor Mike’s Discovery class is an introduction to our church and what it looks like to be a disciple of Christ. The other classes will unpack each area of discipleship in greater depth. Each class not only shares our faith and vision, but also practical steps for spiritual growth.


Classes are offered periodically at the 9am hour as announced in the e-bulletin. While you may not take all the classes at once or in any particular order, we encourage you to plan on eventually attending them all as a way to get to know your church but also to get a clear vision for your own discipleship journey.


Check back for upcoming Discovery Series classes in the fall!



Discovery Series Topics…
Service (SHAPE): We believe that each one of us has a vital role to play in the body of Christ. In this class, you’ll learn about your spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences and discover more about how God has uniquely shaped and prepared you for service in our relationships, home, work, community and church.   Bible Study: We believe the Bible is the Word of God and the sole authority for all matters of faith and practice. This class will inspire and walk you through how to effectively study the Bible for yourself.  

Prayer: We want our church to be a house of prayer. Find out what prayer is all about, why we take time to pray so often during our services, and get a chance to practice praying together.

Worship: Laurelwood is a diverse, multi-generational community. This class gives you time to talk with Pastor Kevin about our church’s vision for worshiping together.   Fellowship: Understand how God has designed the body of Christ to connect and grow together and how you can be a part of it.  

Stewardship: Each one of us has time, talents and treasure: get a vision in this class for making the most of what God has entrusted to you.


Discovery Series Brochure


Deeper Life Series

Deeper Life Series | Sundays 9am


God has a desire that you become stronger and spiritually more mature. The Deeper Life Series provides solid Bible exposition through various books of the Bible to move you deeper into the Lord and the LBC Discipleship Process. These Classes are designed to provide increasing spiritual stability and strength in your life as an adult at LBC. Special attention is given to the verse by verse explanation of what God is teaching within each paragraph of every section of the Bible Book. Then these truths are applied specifically and personally to your life situation. Subjects and topics are covered when they are raised by the order of the message found in the book being taught. 


Each class is designed to “stand alone” so that an adult at Laurelwood can step in at any time to be fed from God’s Word. Sunday morning classes begin at 9am hour, which corresponds tot he same time as our Youth and Children’s Sunday School and nursery to assist those with kids. We invite you to join us as we go deeper into God’s Word together.





2 Timothy: Be Strong in His Grace to Finish Well | Rm 204

Taught by John Wecks


April 15 – June 10 While Christians fearfully cower to cultural pressures and spiritual leaders fail, learn how to remain courageous in His power, love, and discipline.  Learn to avoid the chatter of the latest Christian sound bites and off-beat twittering to remain strong in God’s Word.  In this class you will learn how to endure hardship, fulfill your individual purpose, fight the good fight, and finish well.




The Twelve Spokesman | Room 204

Taught by a rotating teaching team

June 17 – August 26 Be amazed as you restore an attitude of wonder and worship. Be more courageous and brave in your walk with the One who loves and shows mercy to undesirable, disobedient people. Discover how God uses evil to accomplish His purposes. Look forward to His coming to judge the nations and bring future blessings, and bring comfort and hope to His people. Join us this summer to uncover the riches contained in the 12 “minor” prophets, “The Twelve Spokesmen” God uses to speak to us today!



Additional Classes

Other Sunday Morning Classes & Mid-Week Ministry Classes & Seminars


Pest Control: Termites in the Foundation

Taught by Dr. John Wecks

Saturday seminar November 3, 2018 from 9-12pm This seminar will identify hidden issues that hurt believers in community. The content will help us to recognize signs from the damage, and explore the Bible in ways to exterminate the critters that hurt our churches.


Men’s Leadership Class

Taught by Pastor Mike Wilde


Sunday’s 8-9am, Sept 2018 – May 2019 How satisfied are you in your current leadership abilities? In other words, how well are you leading yourself? Your family? What kind of leadership are you providing at your school, workplace or here at church? Leadership is a learned skill. This class will train men in those skills as they put them into practice. Join Pastor Mike as you become a “band of brothers” from September – May becoming alert to what is happening around you, as you grow in both faith and strength leading in love and truth. Contact the office to be put on the list for our next class session.  The Leadership 1 Class is next in the rotation of our Men’s Leadership Classes, 2018-2019 call the office to sign up or let Pastor Mike know this Sunday.


Watch for these classes as they come up in the bulletin!


Depression Class taught by Pastor Mike Wilde: (Watch the bulletin for the dates of the next class) Call or email the office to be put on the invite list and we will notify you when it is available. Open to everyone


Grief Class taught by Pastor Mike:  (Watch the bulletin for the dates of the next class) Call or email the office to be put on the invite list and we will notify you when it is available. Open to everyone. Alumni drop in anytime!


Love & Respect This 5 week interactive workshop helps wives learn how to better show respect to their husbands, and husbands how to show love to their wives. (Watch the bulletin for dates of the next class) Open to everyone!


Women Mentoring Women Class… for Women of all Ages Have you ever been mentored or been interested in exploring the art of mentoring? Then this class is for you. During this seven-week course you will learn what mentoring is and what it isn’t. You will experience a mentoring relationship as we read a wonderful book entitled Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. The class will equip you to become a mentor, should you choose to do so. Watch the bulletin for our next available class, or call the office to be put on the list and we will contact you.


How to help a friend: Coming Alongside in Times of Trial As women our desire is to help each other in times of struggle to rely on the Lord and trust Him more deeply. Come learn tools to encourage and support each other biblically and relationally. This 10 week follow up class for those who have been through the Women’s Mentoring class.  Watch the bulletin for our next available class, or call the office to be put on the list and we will contact you.




NextGen Leadership Class Leadership is a learned skill. This class will train youth from middle school to high school in those skills as they put them into practice. An investment today will yield rich blessings later. Join Pastor Mike as he unties together from September – May in a weekly class to grow both faith and strength as they learn to lead in love and truth.  Contact the office to be put on the list for our next class season.


Small Groups

Small Groups

While most small groups are taking a break for the summer, let Pastor Kevin know if you are interested in hosting, leading or being part of a small group this Fall.  Laurelwood offers a number of different Small Groups that meet all throughout the week.