Adult Studies

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Sunday Equipping Hour Classes

Men’s Mid-Week Classes

Women’s Mid-Week Classes

Community Groups

Men’s Wednesday Bible Study
September 13 @ 6 A.M.


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Soccer Camp (Volunteers)
August 6-9th @ 9a.m.-Noon


Soccer Camp (Students)
August 6-9th @ 9a.m.-Noon

Women’s Retreat 2024
October 18-20 @


Other Forms/Surveys

Other Forms/Surveys

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"Baptism is first and foremost about growing in your understanding and relationship with God and His church. More than just a physical act, baptism is the opportunity you have for following after Christ and being His disciple as you walk with others who are growing in their relationship with God."

~Pastor Mike Wilde


Let us know that you are ready to take the next steps in the decision to be baptized.