LBC Missionaries

Tracy and Leng Halstead

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), Vancouver, WA


Reaching children with the gospel through clubs, camps and events as the Clark County Director.



Dave & Connie Patty

Josiah Venture, Czech Republic


Family Blog

Mission Blog

Leading over 320 staff in 14 countries of eastern Europe as founders and directors of the ministry.



Freedom House Ministries

Vancouver, WA


Christ-centered recovery program for men who want freedom from addictions.


Petr and Lauren Bozon

Josiah Venture, Czech Republic


Manages Josiah Venture’s event and training centers in the Czech Republic.



Phil and Anna Ball

National Network of Youth Ministries, Vancouver, WA


Regional Coordinator for engagement and training to connect and resource youth ministry.



Al & Autumn Ray

Marriage Team, Vancouver, WA


Training coaches and connecting couples with Christian marriage coaching as founders and directors of the ministry.




Doug and Dee Valenzuela

World Venture, Naples, Italy


Overseeing two churches (in Arzano and Melito neighborhoods) and leading evangelistic events.



George and Molly Varghese

Timothy Ministries, India

Itinerant teaching, preaching and evangelism throughout India.



Bill and Bobbie Trenckmann

Faith & Learning International, Orofino, ID


Training and discipling lay youth leaders in rural churches. 



Short Term Missions

LBC views short term missions as a means for:
  • Discipleship of individuals in the body of LBC
  • Providing encouragement and practical assistance to missionaries supported by LBC, as we have opportunity
  • Exposing and training individuals for greater involvement in ministry and missions
  • Directly participating in our mandate to make disciples of all nations


The outreach team will ensure that at least one church-wide team is initiated and planned by our church (“Laurelwood team”) for each year as a way to encourage participation in short-term missions and accomplish objectives described above.  In addition, we want to support all appropriate outside short-term missions that individuals or families participate in.


Process for Supporting Short-Term Missions:


  • Planning – Laurelwood teams should be planned starting 9-18 months in advance.
  • Leadership – Laurelwood teams must be lead by a qualified man, woman or couple approved by the outreach team.
  • Applications – All team members for Laurelwood teams must apply and be approved by the team leader (and others deemed necessary by the team leader or outreach team chair).
  • Team Members – While Laurelwood teams are focused on Laurelwood members and regular attenders, but are generally open to any believers that might be interested.  In special circumstances as approved by the Outreach Team chair (and others as deemed necessary by the chair), non-believers or members that are currently under church discipline may be allowed to participate if determined to be beneficial and not an undue hindrance or risk to the trip.
  • Funding – The outreach team may provide for a portion of the support for short-term missionaries on a case by case basis to supplement their personal resources or support-raising.
  • Pastoral Staff – The outreach team is committed to ensuring pastoral staff are able to participate on Laurelwood teams.  The outreach team may provide for a portion of the support on a case by case basis to supplement their personal support raising.
  • Training – Every short-term missionary LBC supports should receive training in character, community and culture.  For Laurelwood teams, the team leader will arrange for training and team meetings. 
  • Prayer – Every short-term missionary should arrange for personal prayer supporters.  In addition, the outreach team will arrange for the team to be commissioned by the church during a church service, and to share testimony upon return.
  • Debriefing – For Laurelwood teams, the team leader will debrief with the team and with a member of the outreach team soon after the trip. 


Ministry Partners

We regularly work and partner with the following ministries

Operation Christmas Child

Freedom House Ministries

Angel Tree


Compassion International


Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion


Christian Persecution


What is Christian Persecution?



Christian Persecution is any hostility experienced from the world as a result of one’s identification as a Christian. From verbal harassment to hostile feelings, attitudes and actions, Christians in areas with severe religious restrictions pay a heavy price for their faith. Beatings, physical torture, confinement, isolation, rape, severe punishment, imprisonment, slavery, discrimination in education and employment, and even death are just a few examples of the persecution they experience on a daily basis.


According to The Pew Research Center, over 75% of the world’s population lives in areas with severe religious restrictions (and many of these people are Christians). Also, according to the United States Department of State, Christians in more than 60 countries face persecution from their governments or surrounding neighbors simply because of their belief in Jesus Christ.


10 Ways To Pray For The Persecuted

Voice of the Martyrs


Pray that they will…

  1. Sense God’s presence (Hebrews 13:5)
  2. Know the greater body of Christ is praying for them (2Timothy 1:3)
  3. Experience God’s comfort when persecuted (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17)
  4. See God open doors to evangelism (Colossians 4:3)
  5. Boldly share the gospel (Acts 4:29)
  6. Forgive and love their persecutors (Matthew 5:44)
  7. Be granted wisdom in covert ministry work (Acts 9:23-25)
  8. Remain joyful amid suffering (Acts 5:41)
  9. Mature in their faith (Colossians 1:28-29)
  10. Be rooted in God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17)


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Voice of the Martyrs


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