"Believe" The Gospel of John

Believe it or not, I began to sense God’s call into the ministry while I was reading the Gospel of John in Greek.  Wait!  Before you roll your eyes or jump to the conclusion that I am some great scholar, I need to explain something to those of you who would say, “It’s all Greek to me!” When you begin to learn Koine Greek (the common, universal  language in Jesus’ day) the Gospel of John is actually the easiest to translate.  It’s basic, straightforward, simple Greek. It’s like he put the cookies on the lower shelf so people like me could get them! But, if you have ever read the Gospel of John, you know that it is anything but simple. To follow the food analogy, more like Prime Rib!  The Gospel of John is profound, complex in thought and concept, full of mouthwatering, soul satisfying truth!


In the Gospel of John we will come to know Jesus better.  We will see how Jesus identifies with God by repeatedly declaring “I AM” …the light of the world; the resurrection and the life; the good shepherd; the vine; the living water; the way, the truth and the life. The glory and reputation that belongs to the Father is clearly seen in Jesus. John’s Gospel will both inform and challenge us on what it means to believe in Jesus.


~ Pastor Mike Wilde

Is darkness for you, bliss? Might there be something compelling about stepping out of the darkness into the light? Join us as we look at “Jesus, The Light Of The World”

Whenever Jesus met with people He changed their lives.  Who are the people in your life that need to know who Jesus is?  Who are those hurting around you?  Jesus is what they need.

Have you ever noticed all the different places where John 3:16 is displayed? Maybe an even more important question to ask is “What do they believe about Jesus?” What would you say to someone who was curious about Jesus but not convinced?  

What does it mean to be a follower of Christ and how come we seem to have such a hard time following Him ourselves and getting others to follow Him?  Am I a follower of Christ?  Are you? 

This Sunday, as we begin this new series, join us as we answer the question of who Jesus is and why that is so important for us to know Him.