Gospel Identity, "Who am I?"

Life is hard and it seems, when you become a Christian, it gets harder. When life gets difficult and complicated, what is it about our Gospel identity that can make us an overcomer instead of a victim?

What would you do if you received a large inheritance from a relative?  Did you know that God speaks of an inheritance?  What would He have us do with it?

The Bible has some pretty special mysteries; one of them is found in Ephesians 1:9-10 – The mystery of His will.  What is this mystery, why did God reveal this mystery, and what does it mean for us in 2019?

Often in the church we talk about being redeemed and set free by Christ but what does that freedom exactly look like? How come in our daily lives it often doesn’t seem like we actually are free?

What does it means to be adopted by God and what does that mean to us? This Sunday we will unpack all of this, and learn why it is so important to God as we continue to explore our Gospel Identity.

Do you remember, at school, when two captains were picked and they took turns choosing who was on their team?  Do you remember when you were picked and why? What does God have to say about who you are?