Gospel Truth

If there is one letter that has done more to change the course of world history, it has to be the letter to the Romans.  It was his study of this letter that was instrumental in Martin Luther’s conversion and the  Reformation which followed.  This letter has effected revivals around the world.  What makes this letter so special and powerful is the unpacking of what the Gospel means to those who will believe.


Our series in Romans, “Gospel Truth” hopes to address some of the questions you and others have today; What about those who have never heard of Jesus? Why is there such wickedness and evil in the world?  What is the difference between religion and Christianity? Where can I find real peace in a chaotic world? Why do I struggle with doing the right thing? How do I love my neighbor? If God is in control, why does the world seem so out of control? Why should I serve God?


I’m convinced that understanding the truths in the book of Romans will do more to challenge and change your understanding of God and yourself than you ever thought possible. I hope you will join us for this series.  I encourage you to bring your family and invite your friends to hear and be impacted by this foundational book of the Bible.

God’s revelation for us today is the Bible which clearly speaks to us about belief and unbelief. If we choose not to believe God are there really consequences?

We all know the importance of making a good first impression whether it’s a first date, job interview, or meeting that first day of school.  But, did you ever think that making a good first impression could be a matter of life and death?  This Sunday we will see just how important it is to make good, “First Impressions.”

There are many compelling reasons to be a part of a Small Group but the Bible gives some really important insight into the value of relationships and community.  Hear those insights and discover for yourself why Small Groups are important.