Heroic Faith In Troubling Times

We are living in unprecedented times. Who would have thought that 2020 would be the year of a global pandemic, an increased awareness of social and racial injustice, protests, even riots in the street, economic uncertainties, fires, hurricanes, and a “derecho” that hit the Midwest? I have never heard of a “derecho”, have you? Where is the church in all of this and what difference can it make in these post-Christian days?What words of hope can you offer your friends, co-workers, and neighbors as they face these challenges?

Daniel: Heroic Faith in Troubling Times is a series that begins this Sunday to remind us that when all you have is God, He is enough. As we look at this book, we will see that troubling times are the very breeding grounds for heroes of faith to appear. Change, trials, and challenges to our faith are the means by which God increases our faith. God uses the tough and difficult times to make us more and more into the image of Christ.

Together we will look at what faith looks like in troubling times. How can we be transformed into Christ-likeness by our circumstances, not conformed to the culture by them? We will learn how to face the test of impossible situations as well as those of success. Join us these next weeks as we learn how to follow Jesus together in these unprecedented times.

I love a good movie. For me, the most compelling movies are the ones with a good story; a narrative that grips you. The Bible is full of amazing historical narratives that could easily be made into a movie, and Daniel 2 is one of those narratives. Within this movie-script-worthy-narrative of Daniel 2 emerges a protagonist, an antagonist, action, conflict, and resolution. Join us Sunday as we dive into this narrative to discover how Daniel responded to a very troubling situation, and what that means for us when we face troubling times.

If you knew then what you know now, would you make a different choice?  Consider the California couple who went to a park last Saturday for their gender reveal party.  They used a “smoke generating pyrotechnic device” at the El Dorado Park in Yucaipa, 70 miles east of Los Angeles. A wildfire erupted and, as I write this, over 11,000 acres have burned, hundreds of people have evacuated and it’s become one of the worst fires Yucaipa has ever seen. We make choices every day, but some choices change us. How do we choose wisely?  Join us this Sunday as we see how Daniel and his friends show us how to Choose Wisely.

Living through this pandemic, struggling with the sin of racial division, experiencing the chaos of riots, troubled economy, a politically divided country...where is God in all of this? How can we follow Jesus together in the loss and chaos of life. Join us this Sunday in the parking lot or LiveStream as we begin a new series in the book of Daniel, Facing Troubling Times With Faith.