This week, we will see how to enjoy our life. The truth is that God wants you to enjoy your life. In this message we will see what stops us and how we can begin to enjoy life. 

What happens when God disappoints? That’s the situation that Jonah had before him. Let’s see this coming week how we are to respond when God goes a different way.

In this text we are going to look at the power behind life change. Some of you here long to see more life change in your life or want to make more of an impact where you are, but haven’t seen it. In this message, we will look at the power to bring life change and to see changed lives.

My high school yearbook quote was something General Patton said that spoke to me: “I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.” I suppose this quote is dear to me because it speaks to what’s possible in our life when we are in a relationship with Jesus Christ. When He is in our life, our greatest failures and sins can become the beginning of a life of joy and success with God. This coming week, we are going to look at a man who has hit rock bottom. Jonah has finally got to the end. Yet, it’s in this dark place that God does his greatest work to prepare us to soar with Him.

Give it enough time and you will find yourself in the midst of a situation that you weren’t ready for. A parent gets sick and your life gets derailed, or a job that you thought was stable all of a sudden ends unexpectedly, you’re not sure what to do, and you have to pick up the pieces. In life, we call these “storms” – situations that come at us unexpectedly and begin to derail us. In addition to these, there are also storms that we create as well. God is committed to changing us for the better through the storm, but He wants us to respond in the right way. This coming message will look at how to do that.

Happy New Year! This coming Sunday, we begin a new series of the book of Jonah called Jonah: A Gracious God & A Reluctant Prophet. We are looking at this book to give us some more exposure to the Old Testament as a church and to learn more of the greatness of God’s grace and compassion.