Life Together

As you think about your own life, let’s listen to a man who anticipated death with a clear conscience and a full heart in, “Making Your Life Count Today”.

Jesus uses three stories of lost things found to help us understand what matters most.  Join us this Sunday to see how God wants to make sure we have His priorities.

Most of us agree that mentoring and discipling those who are younger than us is a good thing. Even though we value mentorship, often we lack older people speaking into our own lives, and lack having younger people in our lives that we are helping become greater disciples of Christ. How do we combat this plus the lies from our culture and from Satan?

In our life, we have a handful of milestones; events that we forever remember and are forever a part of our life.  For the Christian, one of those milestones is the moment they accept the free gift of God’s grace by putting their faith in Jesus Christ. That moment when you put your faith in Jesus Christ begins a process of sanctification that includes 3 different phases. 

Many of us don’t think of getting rewarded for praying, but that’s exactly what Jesus was saying to those who came to listen to Him as he shared the Sermon on the Mount.  As a matter of fact, reward is a recurring theme in that sermon.  But, there is way of praying that God rewards. How do we pray that way? 

We are living in the information age and being overrun with all the stories, truths, opinions, lies, data, and material that comes to us every day.  How do we navigate this sea of information that threatens to drown us? How do we help the generation to follow the way they need to go? 

We, as disciples of Christ are mandated to share our faith to this next generation.  Join me as we look at a Psalm that had this very truth in mind.

Every family has certain times that are special to them, certain ways of doing things, specific words and names they use with one another.  If you are part of the family of God, isn’t there a certain way we should speak, act, and things we should celebrate? 

With more and more young people leaving the church and a growing sense of our society seeing the church as irrelevant and hypocritical, what difference does the church really make? What is God’s purpose for His church today?

A baby is born and they grow up to be a certain kind of person.  While there are no guarantees about how life will turn out, is there a way to invest in children, youth and young adults that will help them win instead of lose?  What can you do as a parent, grandparent, Aunt, Uncle or adult who cares about kids that will make a positive difference in their lives?

Most of us have heard about identity theft. Those who have experienced it personally realize how frustrating and devastating it can be to your reputation, security, and finances.  But did you know that there is a growing rise in Christian identity theft? 

No matter what family of origin you came from, if you know Christ you are part of the family of God.  We begin a new series called “Life Together” where we are going to look at what life looks like as we follow Jesus together.