Not By Sight

We are in our second week in our series entitled Not by Sight: Fresh Stories of Walking By Faith. This week, we will learn how to move forward in spite of our past. We see how Jesus Christ helped a woman move forward with a past. See you Sunday.

One of the most profound truths to believe and apply every day is a simple children’s song hook: “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” This statement is really at the heart of our faith. All of our decisions in our Christian walk stem from how much we believe this little line in a children’s song. As such, the most transformative truths in our faith are the simple ones. This coming Sunday, we come to a familiar story with a profound truth that God wants you to rely on him every day. A simple truth, yet one that if you will apply this everyday will transform your life from a life of fear to one of faith. 

This coming week, we will start a new series called Not by Sight: Fresh Stories of Walking by Faith. There is no greater subject of importance for us than faith. All of the blessings we have in Christ and all the work he desires to do in us cannot happen without faith. This coming week, we will look at the question of what it means to walk by faith. As a result, I know God will speak to you so that you can more confidently walk with Him in faith today.