Our Rhythms of Discipleship

Have you noticed that there are various rhythms of life? Ecclesiastes 3 describes them as seasons; to be born, to die,… Living organisms have different physiological changes; sleeping, waking, growing… Christians have rhythms as well. Webster defines rhythm as, “a flow, movement, procedure, etc. characterized by regular recurrence of elements or features, as beat, or accent, in alternation with opposite or different elements or features (the rhythm of speech, dancing, the heartbeat, etc.)”

These are rhythms of discipleship; patterns, movements, procedures and flows that we must learn to master together if we are going to follow Him. Jesus sets the pattern, we move to His voice, His beat, His rhythm as we walk with Him and live for Him.

Our Rhythms of Discipleship series was originally conceived by the pastors to have more interaction, but this was before Covid-19 and our need to stay at home to be safe. We will eventually be coming back together to be more interactive, but as we head into the summer, we want to present these rhythms and ways for us to do them together as we grow in our relationship with Christ.

In the following weeks, some of the rhythms we will be sharing are serving, worship, confessing, and submitting together. As God speaks to us, let’s follow Him together.

There’s an old axiom that states, “It is better to give than to receive.”  Is that really true?  If it is, then what does that mean for you and me?  Join us as we look at “Giving Together.”

Confessing something can be both difficult and freeing.  There’s something incredibly humbling about admitting your mistake, but also it is so beautiful to admit your fault and to receive grace.  The Bible talks a lot about confession. It commands us to do it and also instructs us in different ways of confession. This Sunday we will take a look at different ways of confession and why it’s so important to confess your sins.  Then we’ll actually take some time at the end of the service to practice “Confessing Together”.

What if you knew just what to say, where to go, what to do, or how to respond to all the opportunities, trials, choices,  relationships, and situations you are facing or will face?  How valuable would it be for you to have that kind of wisdom?  That would be some kind of wisdom, a wisdom that we can’t find here but one that God offers.  Join us this Sunday as we continue our series in “Our Rhythms of Discipleship” as we look at, “Gaining Wisdom Together.”

One of the ways we grow together spiritually across generational lines is by serving together.  Serving others is a high priority for Jesus. If we want to be great in God's kingdom, we must become a servant to others.  What does that look like today?  We will explore several ways to serve, especially teaching and modeling for our children to learn to serve others.

As Christians we long for the day when Jesus Himself might say to us, "Well done, good and faithful servant..."

Most of us know what it means to pray, but many of us have a hard time praying. Jesus taught His disciples to pray and shares some key elements if we are going to pray effectively. Join us this Sunday either online or for the first time outside in the back parking lot as we look at, “Praying Together”.

I know many of you, like myself, miss being able to physically meet on Sundays.  And while next week we begin our process of shifting towards physical gatherings, I must say I have been so proud and impressed with how the Laurelwood Community has embraced our online gatherings.  What we have seen the past 16 weeks is a beautiful picture of worshipping together; still engaging in church and relationships even when we can’t physically meet.


And I think the reason our church has responded so positively to online church is because many people are aware, on some level, of the value and importance of worshipping together and being in relationship together.  So this Sunday, we will explore the theology behind worshipping together.  We’ll look at WHY it really is important, even during a pandemic, to find ways to worship together.  And of course, we will take time during the service—during the message even—to worship together through declaring who God is, through scripture, and through song.  Join us for this special time of worshipping together.    

This Sunday join us as we go over the importance of reading scripture together. While reading scripture alone is a great practice to do as disciples, there is also great power in reading scripture as a community. I hope this message inspires all of us to grow in this area of following Jesus together.

Some people dance because they are happy, some do it to compete with others, some as a romantic gesture, and sadly, many of us don’t dance at all. Yet, God invites us into the dance of discipleship as we follow Him together. Let’s see what some of the movements in this new series, “Our Rhythms of Discipleship” in “The Dance of Discipleship.”