Psalms from the Heart

We live in a broken world that is lost and hurting. As followers of Christ, we often can see how this world is flawed and how sin has corrupted parts of our society. But how do we respond? What do we do when we see injustice in the world and when our hearts grieve (or lament) over the brokenness we find? This Sunday we will look at a corporate lament found in Psalm 12 to see how the Bible addresses these issues. Ultimately, we will discover that God has a plan and God is always good.

When we pray and call out to God, does He hear us? Does He answer us? What does it mean when God doesn’t answer our prayers in the ways we were wanting? As we continue our “second” sermon series looking at the Old Testament Lament Psalms, we will be exploring Psalm 5, what it looks like when we cry out to God, and how the Lord truly does hear us. I look forward to this Sunday as we draw our attention to a loving God who truly does care for His children.

Many people often mistake the Lament Psalms as a series of depressing, down-in-the-dumps-Psalms that are only meant for those struggling with their faith or struggling with life. But the reality is the Lament Psalms offer a rich depth of theology and trust in a God who is both near and present in all seasons of our lives. This Sunday as we look at Psalm 3, we will see that there is hope and great joy in the victory we receive from God. That in the times we feel pressed on all sides, and also in the times of quiet prayer, the Lord meets us with deliverance. “May Your blessing be on your people” (Psalm 3:8).