Real Life With God

As a new year begins, here are 3 steps for following Jesus in 2017

If people knew you were a Christian, would they respond positively or negatively?

What does it mean to be a friend of God and how is that lived out in your life?

What kind of power do you have when you know Jesus?

How does the Gospel transform your life and how can we display this love to others?

Special guest speakers sharing their story of sexual brokeness and the ways in which God has called us to share God's truth in love.

A question and answer time with our guest speakers: talking and sharing on the subject of sexual brokeness.

What does it mean to have real, genuine fellowship and is it so important?

How can we know for certain that when we die we will go to heaven? What does the Bible say?

God calls not just a few of His children for great works, but each and every one in the body.

For many of us, the Christmas story has become so familiar that we don’t see what God has been trying to show us all along.