Standalone sermons

This Coming Week, we will be taking a look at what God has been doing in our church this last year! I’m excited to look at His work in our church. In addition, I will share what I see is next for Laurelwood. This is one you don’t want to miss. See you Sunday!

This coming week, we will continue our march through Philippians 3 by looking at Philippians 3:12-16. In it, we will see just how we can get stuck in our relationship with Christ and how to get unstuck. I’ll see you Sunday.

In Philippians 3:4-11, The Holy Spirit reveals in His Word what the great pursuit is to be in all of our lives. Part One of Two

Do you realize the power that each of us as believers has for this life?  Jesus said to His disciples that “they would receive power, when the Holy Spirit has come upon you . . .”  Jesus has given us incredible power that He wants us to live from and show others in order that they might see who God is and want to believe in Him. Are you tapping into this power?

We live in a world filled with influencers and advertisements that try to tell us how to spend our lives. But God’s word would seem to point us in a different direction. This Sunday, come and hear from God on what’s worth living for and why.

Only God can judge the true greatness of a church, but one thing is sure: Great churches are made up of people who pray! Prayer was a vital part of the ministry of the Early Church and prayer gave the church great power for evangelism and discipleship. This Sunday, come learn how to pray for your pastors. When you pray for your pastors, you give them the most significant gift possible.

In a world where there seems to be endless reasons to be divided, we will take a look today at how the church can remain united. Our unity can be a breath of fresh air to those who are used to the selfishness and arguing that is so common to human nature. This Sunday, come and learn how we can keep the unity that Jesus has already created for us. He has given us new life that is meant to be lived with the rest of His body, so unity is crucial for the body to be healthy.

On this Palm Sunday we will examine Luke 19:28-44.We will celebrate that Jesus is King! He is Lord of all!  He is in charge of everything! We do not need to fear earthquakes, fires, floods, or other catastrophes, He rules over every nation's ruler and the world economy. No need to fear your future, for your family, your job or our church. Jesus is King of Kings!

Have you seen God's faithfulness this past year? Are you looking in the right place? How can we say "God is faithful" when our family situation is so messed up that God seems not to care? When personal tragedy strikes? When your health is failing? When you're wrestling with daily temptations and losing the match? Sometimes we can't see a reason for what God is doing, so we think, "The problem must be in my thinking, not in God." But what is the problem? How do I explain it when nothing makes sense? This last Sunday morning in 2023 will explore God's Word for answers.