Standalone sermons

On this Palm Sunday we will examine Luke 19:28-44.We will celebrate that Jesus is King! He is Lord of all!  He is in charge of everything! We do not need to fear earthquakes, fires, floods, or other catastrophes, He rules over every nation's ruler and the world economy. No need to fear your future, for your family, your job or our church. Jesus is King of Kings!

Have you seen God's faithfulness this past year? Are you looking in the right place? How can we say "God is faithful" when our family situation is so messed up that God seems not to care? When personal tragedy strikes? When your health is failing? When you're wrestling with daily temptations and losing the match? Sometimes we can't see a reason for what God is doing, so we think, "The problem must be in my thinking, not in God." But what is the problem? How do I explain it when nothing makes sense? This last Sunday morning in 2023 will explore God's Word for answers.