The Way of Wisdom

What does it mean to fear God? How can I control my anger? Is it wrong to borrow money? How do I raise G rated kids in an R rated world? What are the best ways to help the homeless?


The Way of Wisdom is a new summer series based on the book of Proverbs. The book of Proverbs is like a wise woman or a trusted old man dispensing godly advice for daily life.  More than simply knowledge or facts, proverbs are general rules for life, not guarantees, based upon observation of the world from a God given perspective.  Proverbs are often shared in “couplet form”; the benefit of following God’s wisdom contrasted with the folly of trying to live life your way.   The great benefit from proverbs is found not in simply reading them but applying them to every situation you face. Who doesn’t want to work smarter not just harder?  Wouldn’t it be nice to follow sound advice and not have to learn something the hard way? What would you give to have wisdom in facing that impossible problem?


So, whether the subject is marriage or friendship, forgiveness or handling personal finances, the messages this summer are designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of life while living well in God’s world using His words of wisdom.

We are all emotional beings.  So when we are faced with something that brings out emotions in us, how do we respond?

Some of us live with fools, work with fools, and maybe would admit that we are fools.  What is a fool and what do we do with them?

Families come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.  What does God have to say about making family life a taste of heaven?

It doesn't take a lot of words to communicate a big message.  What kinds of words are you speaking; and what words does Jesus Christ speak to us?

The book of Proverbs holds great wisdom for recognizing and rectifying pride in our fallen world.

With 101 verses in Proverbs alone that relate to wealth, it is worth considering why this topic gets so much ink.

Explore some wisdom from the Book of Wisdom on how parent and raise up your child.

Friends are valuable. Our friendships help us to worship God.  Take a listen to hear how our friends can help us to a deeper and more meaningful worship of our Creator.

You've heard it said that "Respect is something that is earned". What does the Lord say about how to earn respect and how does that play out in our lives?

When you hear the words Social Justice what do you think of?  What does the Bible say about these issues?

Being happy in our word doesn't depend on the work, it depends on our attitude

Should we be scared of God/  If He loves us why should we fear?