Walk in Him

There is a great theme we see in the Bible, "Honor the Lord and the Lord will honor you".

When times are tough, what does it look like to have real faith?

Easter Sunday message; sharing the stories of awakening that took place the first Easter

What does Paul mean when he says "Set your mind on things above..."

A way to understand better what God can do in and through us.

Is there a way to be more effective when it comes to witnessing to others?

There is something about the behavior of a Mother caring for a child that reflects the Gospel of Jesus Christ

There are words of life that can bring healing to the broken-hearted. A new series begins on the book of Colossians, "Walk in Him"

There are many different stories about who Jesus is, but who is He, really... and what difference does that make?

Everyone of us wants to make a difference in life, but how do you we go about doing that?

Suffering will happen in our lives. Paul, in the book of Colossians, gives a good biblical model of how to respond when facing suffering.