Youth Group

Youth Group 2020-2021 Year

When: Every Wednesday 7-9 pm (6:30 pm hangout before it starts)

Where: Laurelwood’s Sanctuary/Gym

What: Every Wednesday will be different based on what our High School Planning Team leaders decide. However, a typical night will feature games, worship music, an interactive lesson, and mentor groups where students can share about their lives and make friends.

COVID Requirements: We are following the CDC guidelines and recommending unvaccinated students to wear masks.


Current Series

This summer we will be having summer events for our youth group to have fun, build community, and welcome new students to our youth group! Please check the Laurelwood calendar for times and dates.

Our Vision

What is Youth’s Ministry?

  • The apostrophe s in Youth’s Ministry is actually a really big deal! It means that students have ownership and lead the ministry instead of adults.
    • Student planning team – With the coaching of Sam, these students plan the ministry calendar, weekly schedule, and implement the youth group nights. Any Sophomore or older can apply if they have been to youth group for a year.
    • Student leaders – Can join and help serve in three different teams. Activity team helps with games, worship music, etc. Caring team helps with prayer, welcoming, and checking in on others. Teaching team helps with the lesson, studies, words of encouragement. Any student can apply to the leadership team.
    • Adult roles – Changed from doing the ministry activities, to being mentors and coaches.

The Why?

  • Youth get to have ownership over ministry which leads to more discipleship.
  • Youth care less about how we can entertain them. They have endless entertainment on their devices.
  • Youth would rather be believed in, and invested in, rather than just told what to do.
  • Youth are currently part of the church, not the future. Our hope is that more and more of them are trained to do ministry now.


For more information, see our Family-Focused Youth Ministry document and contact Sam Halstead, Youth Pastor.