Online Youth Group

When: 6:30 pm to 8 pm

Where: On YouTube! At our channel?

What: We will meet over a livestream with games, discussions, and devotionals. Hope to see you on the stream!

Instructions: Subscribe to our channel, join the stream when it goes live, and interact through the chat. Make sure that your YouTube name is your first name only and do not enter your last name as we want to keep that private.


Youth’s Ministry Online – Parent FAQ

Q: How will online youth group work?

A: We will be streaming from 6:30pm to 8pm on Wednesday nights with Sam, Luke and possibly 1-2 student planning team members (with parent permission of course) at this youtube channel. We will be able to do online games through the chat such as “Would You Rather” or “Kahoot.” From there we will be doing things such as devotionals, testimonies, and discussions through us interacting with the chat during the livestream. Our goal is that students continue to grow in their faith and also continue to build community. We think that it can be accomplished through streaming and the interaction with the students through the stream chat.


Q: Why are you choosing Youtube, instead of a private platform such as a closed Facebook group?

A: Youtube is the most universal platform for our students. Almost all of our students will know how to use it and have access to it, while other platforms would not be as friendly to our group and most likely leave people out. It is possible to do unlisted streams on Youtube, however that would require us to send out an unique link to all our students each week. This would bring about a great chance for students to be left out if they got the wrong information, and also more difficult to share with friends and invite them to youth group online.


Q: What will you be doing to ensure the safety of my student while online?

A: First and foremost, we are encouraging, and will be enforcing, that students only share first names and no other information should be accessible. We will also have moderators of the chat to make sure that if anything comes into the chat that is inappropriate, or shares personal information, that it will be deleted by the moderators. Youtube also has the option for the moderators to ban any account from the stream if they continue to be a problem.


Q: What if my student is under 13 and only has access to Youtube Kids mode?

A: Students on Youtube Kids should still be able to watch the livestream but will not have the function of being able to chat. If as a parent you are comfortable with this, I would recommend giving them access to your account or letting them use another device during our livestream. Part of the youth group online experience will be getting to interact with others and build community as a youth group. If you are not comfortable with giving them access, they should still be able to watch the stream and take in the information.


Q: What if I’m not comfortable with my student joining Youth Group Online, will you be ministering in other ways?

A: We are doing our best to come up with creative times to minster, even when not being able to meet. The decision to let your student join in on youth group online is totally up to you. I’d recommend that if you are unsure about it, that you could even watch alongside your student during the first week and see how it goes and make a decision from there. If it’s something you are still uncomfortable with, we will continue to encourage small group leaders to check in with their students over texts and calls. There will also be postings of other videos on Youtube that aren’t live during this time. Students can go to those videos to learn and be encouraged in their faith. If you have other thoughts or ideas, feel free to pass them along to me or Sam. This is all new to us as well!


Feel free to message us with anymore questions you have!


For more information, see our Family-Focused Youth Ministry document and contact Luke Jech, Youth Pastor.